Dredd Star Karl Urban Has a Different Plan for Sequels

Dredd 3D


writer Alex Garland has been pretty clear about his idea for sequels; he has a trilogy all planned out in his head, and maybe on paper, in which Judge Dredd would face off against a variety of enemies from the pages of 2000 AD, including the Dark Judges and Satanus, in the kind of pandering to the base usually reserved for politicians in an election year. Garland, however, has a lot on his plate just now and has acknowledged that even if Dredd makes enough money to have one or more sequels, he may not be able to be involved with them. That might make his concept of where Dredd would go next somewhat irrelevant, especially since the film's star, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings actor Karl Urban, has other ideas. In a new interview with IGN, the longtime Judge Dredd fan talked about wanting to get into the head of Dredd, exploring some of what makes his character tick and taking a look at what the comics call "The Big Lie." "I'm really interested in exploring those facets of doubt that creep into the character, especially later on in his career where he starts to question The Big Lie," Urban said. "To me, that's really fertile, interesting ground. Conflict is always interesting, and particularly internal conflict." Dredd 3D is already in British theaters, but opens here in the U.S. on September 21. Rumor has it that DNA Films and Lionsgate will greenlight a sequel if the film makes $50 million or better at the American box office.