Eric Powell Cautiously Optimistic The Goon Movie Will Happen


At, we've been following the progress of The Goon movie for awhile. The Goon movie has been in the works for several years, since Blur Studios took on the part of developing it as an animated feature. Renowned director David Fincher even signed on as executive producer. However, the project stalled for several years, before gaining new life through a Kickstarter campaign, which was designed to raise $400,000 to create a story reel to help pitch the project to potential backers. Back in October, interviewed Blur Studios' Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler about the project, when the money was still in process of being raised. In a new interview with The Tennessean, Eric Powell talks about some of the difficulties in getting The Goon movie made. Powell thinks some of the reluctance of studios to take a chance on the film has to do with that they can't compare it to anything else like Toy Story 2. As an animated work that's not geared toward little kids, it has been a difficult sell in Hollywood. Now, with the Kickstarter campaign having successfully raised more than $400,000, Eric Powell has proof to show studios that fans will support the movie. There is mention made in The Tennessean article of how there has been some criticism over why David Fincher as a millionaire wouldn't just write the check himself. Back in October, Blur Studios' Tim Miller told, "...that idea that David hasn't put in his own money is false. He has, and we have–but it didn't work. David never gives up, so the path would be, had we not done the Kickstarter, we would just keep taking meetings until hopefully we found the right thing." Eric Powell points out to The Tennessean, "The fans wanted to show the support and we needed the studios to see that. It's all about showing that people want it, not raising $400,000." The Goon movie reel is now in the preproduction stage. Blur Studios still has a long way to go as it could cost around $35 million to actually finish The Goon animated movie, which will require more financial backing. However, Eric Powell said, "I'm cautiously optimistic. I just have to believe that it's gonna happen."