Every Major Star Wars Death in 8-Bit Animated Form


It's time to take a journey - a journey everyone goes through, eventually - death. The world of Star Wars has seen plenty of death. An intrepid group of animators, Filipe Costa, Matheus Muniz, and Paulo Bohrer II, teamed up to review all the major deaths in Star Wars film history - from Episodes 1 to 7. And because it's an awesome internet video, they did it in 8-bit form.

Some of the sound effects are borrowed (or at least extremely close to) some classic Final Fantasy ones. They go through all the greatest hits, including Anakin's double-saber decapitation, Darth Vader tossing the Emperor down a shaft, and even the death scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It does give us one new truth, that's for sure: everything is cute in 8-bit, even vicious lightsaber murder.