Evil Dead Creative Team Developing Dr. Strange Movie for Marvel?


El Mayimbe, the Latino Review blogger who has made himself a thorn in the side of Marvel Comics by frequently exposing their movie plans before they have a chance to announce it (and who has occasionally been taken in by false claims, too, so take this for what it's worth), reports that Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, who directed and wrote the Evil Dead remake that topped last week's box office, are developing a film for Marvel Studios. "Yo @fedalvar I'm hearing that you & @RodoSayagues1 might be developing a Marvel movie. Is it Dr. Strange? No me hablas mentiras por favor," el Mayimbe tweeted, adding, "I'll find out regardless because I'm good like that but wanted to ask you too directly. So what's up?" (Immediately prior to the tweets, he asked that other members of the press not embed the tweets into their stories--but didn't say anything about quoting him.) Certainly Doctor Strange is a solid concept for horror filmmakers to take on in the Marvel Universe, especially coming from the approach that Kevin Feige has been espousing of late, making films a little "different" from standard superhero fare by embracing the other genres the characters can fit into. Latino Review's most recent scoop, confirmed this morning in a press release from Marvel, was that Batroc the Leaper would be appearing in the Captain America The Winter Soldier film.