Ewan McGregor Confirms Alec Guiness Won't Return For Star Wars Episode 7


While everyone seems to be clamoring to be included in Star Wars Episode 7, there is one person that Ewan McGregor has revealed won't be back. In an awkward but funny exchange on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon about Obi-Wan Kenobi returning, Ewan McGregor said, "Alec Guiness can't do it now, because he's..well, he passed away." Jimmy Fallon agreed, "Yeah, he's not with us anymore, which makes it hard for him to do those." McGregor continued, "Because it would be him, wouldn't it? I mean I became him and then he would be..I don't know how it would work." Fallon responded, "It's just too weird. My brain can't handle it. This is just insane." While the fact that Alec Guiness won't return hardly comes as a surprise, Ewan McGregor did reveal something else about Star Wars that was a little more surprising. According to McGregor, George Lucas let him know the night before the deal was announced that he was selling Lucasfilm to Disney. McGregor said that George Lucas sent him an email that it was going to happen. McGregor said, "George had always said, it's kind of common knowledge, there was always to be nine stories, and he shot the middle three originally. He shot the first three, and then he told me that he wouldn't make the last three, because he had other things planned. He wanted to do other things with his life and if he made the final three he felt that would be it. And so I just thought that they would never be made, but now that Disney have them, he's given them the stories I think." As far as if McGregor himself would  be willing to return, McGregor had no hesitation telling Fallon, "I would. I would. I would. I can only imagine I would be a wobbly hologram type person."