EXCLUSIVE: Batman: Bad Blood Clip Introduces Lucius Fox and Batwing Suit

Batman: Bad Blood is not about Batman dealing with friends dating his exes and passive-aggressively talking crap about him in the press. Though using a Taylor Swift song with Batman might be an awesome movie idea, this one is about Batman disappearing, and seeing how the Bat-family rises to take his place, at least the best they can.

In an exclusive clip provided to ComicBook.com, we meet Luke Fox, voiced by Gaius Charles. Luke and his father, Lucius (voiced by Ernie Hudson), have a talk about what exactly Wayne Enterprises has been up to, when it comes to a certain cowled vigilante.

Aside from the very interesting cadre of villains, one of whom seems to be wearing the aforementioned cowl, what Lucius has on his computer screen is very interesting, and sparks the conversation Luke wants to have. It's designs for the Batwing suit, a cross between Batman and Iron Man that Luke takes up as his crime-fighting identity.

See how Batwing, Robin, Nightwing, and Batwoman step up for Gotham City with a missing Bruce Wayne in Batman: Bad Blood on digital HD Tuesday January 19 and Blu-ray and DVD February 2, 2016.


There will be dual premieres for the film, as well, starting with the world premiere in NYC's Paley Center Tuesday January 19.