Exclusive: Michael Shannon Reveals New Details About His Batman V. Superman Role

Last month, Michael Shannon created quite a stir on the Internet by claiming that he had flipper [...]

Last month, Michael Shannon created quite a stir on the Internet by claiming that he had flipper hands in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The idea of flipper hands set off speculation that Shannon was in some type of motion capture suit and might be playing Doomsday in the film.

However, Shannon later claimed that he was only joking about the flipper hands. In a new clip from Larry King Now provided exclusively to Comicbook.com, Shannon reiterated that he wasn't serious about the flippers, before revealing some more interesting new details about his role.

"The pressure that I'm under in this situation sometimes leads me to say silly things like Zod has flippers," said Shannon. "It was a false.. red herring, as it were."

But Shannon didn't stop with just denying the flipper hands, he also described his role as a Zod ghost.

"It's the same thing like in the first one with Jor-El. Russell Crowe's character is kind of like a ghost," said Shannon. "So I guess I'm a ghost, kind of."

When King pressed if he was Zod in the film, Shannon simply replied, "Yeah." However, the biggest reveal likely came when King asked if Shannon had scenes with Batman too or just with Superman. Shannon answered, "I did not cross paths with Batman, no."

The fact that Shannon doesn't have scenes with Batman could mean he's being straightforward in describing his character as a ghost. Maybe, his only role in Batman V. Superman is that he haunts the memories of Superman. Of course, it doesn't completely rule out the Doomsday theory, as it's always possible that Doomsday doesn't come into direct conflict with Batman in the film.

Larry King's full interview with Michael Shannon will go live on Ora TV on Monday, September 14, 2015. Batman V. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on March 25, 2016.