Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Sebastian Stan Really Wants to Play Ric Flair in Biopic

Sebastian Stan actually wants to play Ric Flair in a biopic at some point. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor sat down with Collider to talk about his new movie Monday. During that conversation, Paul Walter Hauser is a friend of the Marvel star who would love the possibility of being in another project together. Stan immediately thinks of Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. In this scenario, Hauser would be playing Arn Anderson. Wrestling fans would be happy to know that the Winter Soldier actor is a big fan of the sport. He's been caught on camera before uncorking that Flair impression and it's not too bad. However, who knows when the Disney+ star would have time to film all of this with a prospective Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2 on the horizon.

"That's it, man. We got to do that Ric Flair and Anderson biopic. You know, by the way, did you ever... You have to have interviewed [Hauser] at some point, right? He's so funny. I mean, he's such a big wrestling fan, you know, and I was a big wrestling fan too growing up. Like, I love WWF and stuff. And we both have a kip-up. So, maybe Ric Flair. I'll do it in a second if they let me. I mean, pretty soon, I'll be eligible, I guess."

Previously the Winter Soldier star talked about possibly playing Luke Skywalker with MTV Asia. The Internet collectively lost their minds when the clip started making the rounds.

"I always certainly hear about [Luke Skywalker rumors] and I'm always slightly confused because I'm like if there are these conversations happening, why isn't anybody calling me about it and having a conversation with me about it?" Stan explained. "Like anybody, I grew up on Star Wars, and for me, Empire Strikes Back was like one of my favorite movies. And Mark Hamill is one of the most iconic personalities and Luke Skywalker's an iconic character, so obviously, it doesn't sound like it's my choice. It doesn't feel like it's up to me. Whatever that needs to be will sort itself out, and if it includes me in any way, hey — who knows."

The question of playing Luke Skywalker came up and the Winter Soldier star thanked all the people that endorsed him for the role. Stan said that he's "always wondered what happens to Luke when it's the end of Return of the Jedi. "Like where does he go, what happens to him? I think those questions would be really interesting," Stan said. "And of course, it's another one of those things where you're like, 'Well, you don't want to f-ck up that character. You want to get that one right.' But anyway, we'll see."


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