Fan Edit Brings 10,000% More Jar-Jar Binks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster

(Photo: Olly Gibbs / Lucasfilm)

If you saw the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster and your first thought was, "Where the heck is Jar Jar Binks?" Well, we're worried about you, and you should probably seek help. But if you're a fan of funny, Olly Gibbs, a professional illustrator and designer for Empire magazine has you covered with this "Jar-ing" look at at another world's Force Awakens, where everyone's a gungan.

Gibbs was glib about his edit, saying he had "just improved Star Wars: The Force Awakens by 10000%" while adding the hashtag #JarJarBinks to twist the dagger. It's an impressively edited poster, much in the vein of the early fan edit to the teaser trailer that added Jar Jar, as well. I especially like the detail where he took the time to put Jar Jar's hands in place of Han and Rey's.


So take a glimpse into the darkest timeline with us above, tell Olly how wonderful/awful he is, and remember to check back later tonight for the new full theatrical trailer and ticket sales information!