Fan Theory Suggests The Joker Was The Hero In The Dark Knight

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.…Or, you can [...]

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

…Or, you can take option three, and just be the Joker.

At least, that the opinion of one Reddit user who interpreted the events of Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight pretty differently from everyone else. In his post, which has sen fandom into an uproar, the user argues that The Joker was the The Dark Knight's true hero.

We know. It's a wild argument to take, but user truly thinks that all the good that came of out The Dark Knight, like the dissolution of Gotham's crime families, the Dent Act, and the obsolescence of street vigilantes, was from the Joker's actions.

"In the end Gotham is actually clean. It wasn't because of Harvey, who died too soon to do any good, except as a martyr, and it wasn't because of Batman who was ostracized and treated like the criminal such a vigilante truly is for 8 years," the user wrote on Reddit. "Gotham was safe because the Joker had cleaned up the streets. He eliminated the corrupt police, he destroyed organized crime financially, he uplifted Gotham's spirit, and he even got rid of the flying pest that had been corrupting Gotham ever since he declared himself it's protector."

If you want to go further down this rabbit hole, read the user's full post here.

So, yeah. What do you think, readers? Is Joker really the hero that Gotham needed? Let us know in the comments!

Via Mashable