Fans Want Jim Carrey To Return Or Donate His Kick-Ass 2 Salary

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opened up a huge can of worms on Sunday when he announced via Twitter that he would not support his upcoming movie Kick-Ass 2 because of the level of violence in the film. Carrey cited the Sandy Hook shootings, which occurred in December of last year, as bringing about his change of heart. While many are applauding Carrey's commitment to gun control, quite a few are also questioning the sincerity of Carrey's announcement. As Kick-Ass 2 creator Mark Millar pointed out in a response to Jim Carrey, the star had been a fan of the original Kick-Ass movie so the level of violence in the sequel really shouldn't be a surprise to him. To Carrey's original point though, he was probably aware of the violence level, but it was the tragedy in Sandy Hook, which made him no longer comfortable with promoting the movie. Whether violent movies are to be partially blamed for violent acts is a topic that creates quite a bit of debate. Regardless of what individuals believe in regards to the real life impact of violence in movies, there seems to be one overwhelming response to Jim Carrey's announcement. Many fans are wondering if Jim Carrey plans to keep his salary from Kick-Ass 2. If Jim Carrey feels that he cannot promote the movie in good conscience, then how can he justify keeping his salary from the movie? Quite a few fans have suggested through social media that Jim Carrey should return his salary for the movie or better yet donate his salary to a Sandy Hook charity.