Fantastic Four Director Denies Female Dr. Doom Story, But Indicates One Rumor Is True

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Josh Trank, director of the upcoming Fantastic Four film reboot, took to Twitter to debunk several of the rumors floating around about the film. One such rumor started by The Hollywood Reporter was the possibility that Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four's arch nemesis, could be cast as a female, saying that the rumor was "bull***t." Trank has also denied, in the past, several other rumors, such as casting rumors about Miles Teller and Josh Gad, rumors that the film's shoot day had been moved up to avoid losing the license, and that a synopsis of the film had surfaced online. His latest tweet was an interesting one, saying that everything he debunked was truly false, except for one rumor. It's unclear whether or not this is actually true or if he's just baiting fans and media outlets. A flurry of rumors about the film's casting have been circulating lately, which isn't unusual when a film reaches this point in development. Seeing a director publicly address rumors, however, is something different, especially since - with a grand total of 14 tweets made - debunking rumors about the film seems to be the main purpose for Trank's Twitter account.