Fantastic Four Reportedly Begins Shooting Today in New Orleans

Fantastic Four

The Times-Picayune


in New Orleans is reporting that Josh Trank's Fantastic Four will begin shooting today in Louisiana. The newspaper says that a spokesperson for the production confirmed filming begins today at Baton Rouge's Celtic Media Centre. The reports aren't yet confirmed by Fox to the wider media, but given that numerous comments had indicated it was expected to begin filming in April (and then star Kate Mara reiterated "a few weeks" in an early-April interview), it's not particularly surprising. Other high-profile projects currently (or soon to be) filming in the state include Terminator: Genesis (currently being referred to as "The Terminator reboot" in press releases, so don't be surprised if we get a new title before the movie comes out) and Jurassic World. Fantastic Four will focus primarily on the characters' origin story, while seeing them square off against Doctor Doom and the Mole Man, according to various online reports.