Fifty Actors Who Were Nearly Cast As Superman

Youtuber "Mr Sunday Movies" took a look at the cinematic history of Superman recently. No, not just the actors who actually played the character (though they're included here), but the actors who almost played him.

While everyone knows Nicholas Cage almost played Superman in a bizarre Tim Burton take on the DC Comics stalwart at this point (fun facts, his son is named Kal-el, and his stage name is after Marvel character Luke Cage), there are surely a few in the video you never knew were this close to being the Man of Steel.

It's a neat look at what might have been, with a few names that are easy to picture in the iconic blue suit, and more than a few that will make you go "Seriously, Hollywood? Why was this even a question? SERIOUSLY?"


Superman can next be seen on film played by Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016.