First Deadpool Trailer Officially Classified

After Comic-Con International: San Diego, Deadpool footage leaked online and the studio swore that fans would be able to see the first official, high-quality look at the movie in about two weeks.

Well, it's been two weeks...and lo! and behold, the first trailer for Deadpool has been classified.

Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, though, this green-band (friendly for most audiences) trailer means some serious changes will have been made to the F-bomb-and-gore-heavy three minutes fans got to see in San Diego.

You figure we'll also presumably get some "from the studio that brought you..." stuff as well, so Deadpool's first trailer will likely be somewhere between 40 and 60 seconds less real content than was the Comic-Con presentation -- most of which could probably be made up by the things you can't get into a green band trailer.

With a little luck, though, there will be some new footage sprinkled in there as well so that those who have seen the leaked footage or watched it in Hall H can still be surprised.


Expect the first Deadpool trailer any day now; it will almost certainly screen ahead of prints of Fox's Fantastic Four. The film itself is coming Valentine's Day weekend in 2016.