Frank Miller Probably Won't Make The Extra Comic Added to Sin City 2

When Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was announced after years of impatient waiting for a sequel to the 2005 cult hit, the news came along with comments that the story would adapt both A Dame to Kill For, probably Sin City's best-known single miniseries, and an as-yet-untitled additional story that Miller would create a graphic novel of before the film's release.

With just a couple of months before the release date for Sin City 2, it's been clear for some time that no new Sin City comics would beat the film to the streets, but a fan today asked Miller during his Reddit AMA whether he planned to adapt the material back to comics now that it's primed to hit the big screen.

"Well, right now I consider it a story told," Miller said, without elaboration on how that impacts the publishing plan, although it certainly seems to suggest no such book is forthcoming.

He added, on the topic of the film adaptation, "And I never intended Sin City to be a movie, as a matter of fact, it was done when I was a typically embittered screenwriter who swore I would never work in movies again, but swore I would adapt the unadaptable into film. This crazy man from Texas hunted me down like a dog to adapt it to a technology that I didn't realize existed, and we were able to create a movie that is almost half-animation. A lot of it is drawn, and the actors are all real, so it has that anchor, it's a realistic movie even though the backgrounds are extremely stylized, and the effect is much closer to Fritz Lang than to anything currently coming out. This freed us, in Sin City 2, to take everything a bit further because the first movie was a success. And so the new movie is MORE stylized. It's in 3D. But a very unusual 3D, because it's amazing what black and white can do to 3-D. Unlike much color 3-D, you never feel trapped by the frame. It feels much more self-contained. And as with black and white, the 3-D shows off the actors beautifully."