Gal Gadot Loves Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, Explains How Hers Will be Different

(Photo: Warner Bros)

As director Zack Snyder says elsewhere in Total Film's magazine feature on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, no matter who you cast in an iconic superhero role, people will complain on the internet about it. Perhaps because of comparisons to Linda Carter, thus far the only one to portray Wonder Woman in live-action in a meaningful way, or because she'll have the first live-action female-starring superhero movie of the modern era, or just her general experience level, Gal Gadot certainly had more than her fair share of - we'll be nice and call them "concerned fans." She's not shying away from comparisons, or her own love for the character, who she was personally introduced to through the Justice League cartoon by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini.

"Wonder Woman's a household name, I think, everywhere," Gadot told Total Film. "She's an icon. I wasn't born during the Wonder Woman show with Lynda Carter, so I didn't get to see that [growing up], but I did watch the cartoon." After getting the role, though, she wanted to take it all in, and watched the Carter series. "She was fantastic. I absolutely love her," the actress said of her predecessor.

Gadot appreciates the "relevance" of the Lynda Carter version in the 70s, and is confident that her directors are going to do the same for this version in this time. "Zack Snyder is in collaboration with Patty Jenkins, who's going to direct [the solo Wonder Woman. All of us want to evolve the character because what you saw back then, you've already seen," she said. "So we're going to give it another layer of interpretation and make her a bit more relevant and a bit more up to date" to go with the modern times.

"The Wonder Woman story is a story that needs to be told," she concluded. "I'm so happy that it's me to tell this story. I think that there's no better time than now, and it's about time that we showed this amazing heroine on the big screen.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016. See where the rest of DC's movies land on our full comic book movie schedule.