Gambit Budget Might Be Just Over $150 Million

Keeping it roughly in line with most of the solo superhero films in recent years, it looks like Fox's Gambit with Channing Tatum will cost about $150 million to make.

That's an estimate from the Louisiana Economic Development's "Fast Lane" website, which tracks projects being filmed in the state.

They estimate that the film will cost $154,975,309, over $111 million of which will be spent in Louisiana and about $30 million of which will go to local employees.

Louisiana is one of the most generous states when it comes to controversial tax subsidies aimed at attracting these projects to the state. Opponents often claim that the tax breaks offset most of the local spending, although supporters generally doubt that -- and further claim that even if it were true, "unofficial" spending like tourism, and what the production employees spend locally of their own money, makes it a win.


When Iron Man 3 came to North Carolina, these issues were discussed at length. You can see our interviews with the John Locke Foundation's Jon Sanders here, and a follow-up with the North Carolina Film Office here.