Get Your Superhero On With New Batman V Superman Plush Weapons

(Photo: Factory Entertainment)

When I was young I used to improvise my superhero gadgets. MacGyver-like combinations of TV remotes and useless action figure accessories lent realism to my Batman recreations, as did my couch pillow reinvention of the Batmobile.

(Photo: Factory Entertainment)

Now kids don't have to try as hard, however, at least in the accessory department. Factory Entertainment has announced their new line of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice SWAT Plush Weapons. The SWAT stands for Soft Weapons and Tactics by the way.

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(Photo: Factory Entertainment)

The initial offerings include Batman's Batarang, which makes a swooshing sound as it glides through the air. It also includes Wonder Woman's sword and shield, with the shield coming in at 18' in diameter and the sword at 30" long. They also make clashing sounds once they come in contact with something. The Batarang is priced at $14.99, the sword is $24.99, and the shield is $34.99.


All of these are made with soft plush materials and are designated for ages 8 and up. This might help to keep the kids from inadvertently hurting themselves while playing superhero around the house, and you can grab them from Factory Entertainment's site.