Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie Trailer Released Online

A new promotional video for Ghost in the Shell: The new Movie, has been released online.

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie concludes the story of the Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVA series. The film begins Motoko Kusanagi and her team dealing with a hostage crisis, but become something more when the Fire Starter virus reappears and Saito spot a shocking figure who may hold the key.

Here's the translation from Anime News Network:

Bato: Even a blood-soaked battlefield is no place to die. You're heading to a new place to live for, right?

Motoko: At the very least, I plan to get a place that's appropriate for us.

Woman: Mobile armored riot police, was it?

Man: We never stop watching out for crime, so that we can stop incidents like this before they occur.

Bato: Go, Major!

Woman: Just so you know, we're a better fit for this than some fictional unit.

Togusa: You still alive?

Logicoma: If I know, I can't repair it.

Saito: The tune of murder is nostalgic.

Borma: I'll take that.

Bato: It's a remote automaton. It doesn't have a ghost!

Man: Kill the hostages.

Motoko: The virus of false memories, Fire Starter!

Text: Original creator: Masamune Shirow

Aramaki: We were supposed to stop this before it happened!

Voice: You have always been free. Always shaping the future. I envy you.

Motoko: Protect me.

Bato: It's not that I haven't lost anything. It's that I haven't tried to take back what I've lost.

Man: The major saw something bad on that ship. Something that made her decide to purge us.

Motoko: That is your limit, Kusanagi.

Logicoma: Major!

Text: This is...

Motoko: You guys have the best parts.

Text: ...the story...

Motoko: Once I gather all of it, I alone can display an unmatched performance.

Text: ...of Ghost in the Shell's formation.

Motoko: I'll shape the future.

Motoko: Let's move out!

Based on Masmune Shirow's classic manga, Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie features character designs by Kazuchika Kise, who also serves as chief director on the film and Arise. Tow Ubukata wrote the screenplay, and Kazuya Nomura directs. Tooru Ookubo, of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, serves as chief animation director.

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie features the voice cast from Ghost in the Shell: Arise, including Maaya Sakamoto, Ikkyuu Juku, Kenichirou Matsuda, Tarusuke Shingaki, Shunsuke Sakuya, Takurou Nakakuni, Youji Ueda, Kazuya Nakai, and Miyuki Sawashiro.


Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie opened in Japanese theaters on June 20.