Ghostbusters Fans Petition Sony To Restore The Ecto-1A

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Ghostbusters fans are on a mission to restore the Ecto-1A car used in the Ghostbusters movie. The Ghostbusters car used in the franchise has apparently been sitting on the movie studios' backlot for the past several years, and the vehicle appears to be in a state of disrepair. It was recently photographed by Instagram user Cheekybama. A group called Ghostbusters Fans is looking to purchase the vehicle and restore her to better than on screen appearance. Ghostbusters Fans plans to fund the restoration project through a Kickstarter campaign.However, Ghostbusters Fans is first seeking to convince Sony Pictures to sell them the car through a petition located at: The petition states: "Ghostbusters Fans would like to ask Sony Pictures to sell us the 1959 Cadillac used for the Ecto-1a (along with all original "Ecto" parts) at the current scrap value. With the car in our hands, we would then be able to give her the restoration to screen used quality that she deserves. We have started this campaign to garner names in support by those who would like to see the restoration occur." The petition currently has over 2,300 signatures.