Godzilla Movie Teaser Videos Released

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In anticipation of the full theatrical trailer's release on Tuesday, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released a couple of viral teasers for the upcoming Godzilla movie. The two new videos showed up on a new viral website for Godzilla, which is located at MutoResearch.net. The videos feature a scrambled signal, which is somewhat reminiscent of the General Zod viral video for Man of Steel. Godzilla-Movies.com found out about the new viral website on Mtime.com. They also translated the following mysterious quote from the site. "'Hamlet doline' constitutes an important example of Quaternary evolution of the Earth's history, it is the Three Gorges causes a "living fossil." "Sinkhole" is the locals commonly known karst funnel, funnel called karst topography on geography. It is among several peaks dented a large oval funnel. Sinkhole pit floor elevation 1331 m, depth of 666.2 m, 622 m pit diameter, 522 m Bottom diameter. Not only have many river, as well as ease of secret hole in the sinkhole.These riparian lot of exotic flora and fauna, in the end how much? Who knows.The sinkhole is Wonderful steep caves, from the twenty-first century, explorers had conducted several countries expedition, but not yet fully understand the situation in many sinkhole cave. Scientists are still many caves, discovered many rare animals and plants and fossils. So, MUTO a social Mody mysterious organization? What they will find here? Does this turn and the "sinkhole" in formation? With all the mysteries of the trailer may be exposed gradually revealed." Godzilla is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 16, 2014.