Godzilla Reboot: A Soldier's Story, Against Three Monsters


Warner Brothers held a promotional webinar earlier today, at which CHUD apparently had a reporter listening in. What he learned? The forthcoming Godzilla from Warner and Legendary Pictures will be the story of a soldier, "way different" than the Toho Godzilla films, and will feature a total of three monsters including the title beastie. The site notes that while this news is derived from the current version of the script, which hasn't yet been rewritten by Frank Darabont, it's pretty safe to say that if they're releasing the information to potential promotional partners, it's not likely to change before release, as it's probably part of the basic DNA of the film. With Pacific Rim (and its prospective sequels, currently being written) on the horizon, also from Warner and Legendary, it seems as though the studios feel "multiple giant monsters attacking a city"  is a premise they feel is flexible enough to go the superhero route and have multiple major releases roll out in a short period of time. Godzilla is anticipated for a May 14, 2014 release.