Gotham's Bruce Wayne Hopeful that Ben Affleck Will Be Best Batman Yet


At the Gotham panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ, several cast members took the stage, answering surprisingly deep questions about their characters and the way they play their roles. Luckily, one fan wanted to make it relatively easy and went for a simple pick 'em: who's your favorite on-screen Batman?

"Well, hopefully Ben Affleck!" answered David Mazouz, who plays the young Bruce Wayne on the show. "Batman vs. Superman, I'm so excited!"

Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred on the series, said Christian Bale is his favorite. Val Kilmer was the favorite of Erin Richards, though she loved the "hilarious pec montage of George Clooney." Robin Lord Taylor said, "Michael Keaton, Tim Burton's Batman all the way," though he also gave a firm nod to Batman Returns, the oft-overlooked second film of theirs. "A lot of people forget that it's one of the best Christmas movies ever made! I really want a Christmas Gotham episode."

Drew Powell went a bit outside the norm and said his favorite take was Wil Arnett in The LEGO Movie.

The moderator also tried to follow-up that question for Taylor, asking him which on-screen Penguin was his favorite, Burgess Meredith or Danny DeVito.

"That's like choosing my children - or not my children, my uncles. That's a total toss-up," he said. Which one's the drunk uncle then? "Danny DeVito. Duh! Danny's my man."