Groot Is This Halloween's Top Movie Costume For Guys According To Fandango Survey

Fandango have polled folk on the movie-related Halloween costumes they intend to wear this year, and Groot came out on top with men. Maleficent topped the roster for women, and Olaf is in there too as the top costume for kids. It all looks a little Disney sponsored... until you see Mystique is in the list too, and I can't see Disney backing her.

Here's the list for men:

1. Groot
2. Captain America
3. A Ninja Turtle. Any Ninja Turtle.
4. Star Lord
5. Dracula

And for women:

1. Maleficent
2. Katniss Everdeen
3. Mystique
4. Black Widow
5. Gamora

So that's a total of three Guardians of the Galaxy, five Marvel studios characters, six Marvel comics characters, between seven and ten comic book characters full stop depending on how you count the Turtles. Jennifer Lawrence is well represented, too, with two places on the charts.

I feel like I've learned something about America here. I don't know quite how to put it in words, but I kinda like it. You guys certainly know how to do Halloween right - ie. you know how to do Halloween at all. Here in Britain, we don't, really.


Tune in again this time next year to see if everybody is planning to dress as Ant Man, Ultron, velociraptors and Han Solo.