Guardians Of Galaxy Star Chris Pratt Says Fans Challenge Him To Dance-Offs


"Dance off, bro!" According to Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt - that's exactly what fans say when they see him in public.

"I get a lot of fans who wanna do a dance off with me," Pratt explained. The dance off challenges stem from the conclusion of Marvel's cosmic Guardians of the Galaxy movie where Star-Lord used a dance off to distract the big bad Ronan the Accuser.

"It's aggressive," Pratt joked to Conan O'Brien on his self-titled TBS talk show. "They wanna dance fight me!"

But what would happen if you were to encounter Pratt fresh off of a plane or in the middle of the night? "I go! I'm not gonna lose! If I see you on the street, you challenge me to a dance off - it's on!" Pratt explained before quickly retracting his humorous response to Conan. "Please don't," he urged. "Please cut that out!"

To watch the full video of Pratt and Conan joking about dance offs, click here! If you saw Star-Lord walking the streets, would you challenge him to a dance off? What song would you play? Better have a boom box handy at all times!


Chris Pratt's new movie Jurassic World is now playing in theaters.