Guardians Of The Galaxy Becomes Marvel Studios Third Highest-Grossing Movie Ever At The Worldwide Box Office

Guardians of the Galaxy box office

There might be nothing left to say about Guardians of the Galaxy's box office than just "wow" at this point. Despite some reports of poorly translated subtitles, it seems the Chinese love Guardians of the Galaxy just as much as the rest of the world.

Just in its second weekend at the Chinese box office, Guardians of the Galaxy has reached a total gross of $69 million in China. In fact, China is now the highest grossing country outside of the United States for Guardians of the Galaxy.


With the large Chinese box office take, Guardians of the Galaxy moved past Captain America: The Winter Solider to become the third highest-grossing Marvel Studios film ever at the worldwide box office. Guardians of the Galaxy has now grossed $732.6 million at the worldwide box office. Guardians of the Galaxy also moved into fourth place in total worldwide gross for any film released in 2014.