Guardians of the Galaxy: Fake James Gunn Thanos Tweet Making the Rounds


Guardians of the Galaxy


director James Gunn has taken to social media to let fans know that he never took to social media to confirm Marvel's still-unconfirmed deal with Vin Diesel. Huh? Apparently, there's an image that's been making the rounds today, purporting to be something that Gunn tweeted and then deleted. Despite fairly low quality--the letters are grainy and shadowed, and there's no blue "verified" checkmark appearing next to Gunn's name, as Twitter would have if it were actually a tweet coming from Gunn's account--lots of people are falling for it, and asking the director about it. Here's Gunn on the strange development...

Okay. This is crazy. And mysterious. This "tweet" below is making its way around the web, and is being used as evidence that Vin Diesel is playing both Groot and Thanos (not true, by the way) in #GotG. People are saying that I deleted and retweeted it. However, on my life, this tweet is not mine. At first I couldn't figure out if I was hacked or if it was photoshopped. Either way, I thought it was extremely strange - I mean, someone could have said ANYTHING and they choose to say THAT? So strange. Anyway, I almost certainly was not hacked - firstly, I think people would have responded to me when I first tweeted this (no one did). Secondly, is there someone out there who is making a photo of every tweet I tweet in case I delete it? Doubtful. Thirdly, I have a few people who fave and retweet almost all of my tweets - I recognize their faces, and none of them are in the little photos of the people who faved the tweet (none of whom I recognize). And, finally, if someone clicks on a tweet of mine and makes it big like this, I have a little VERIFIED mark next to my name. It's not there. But the mystery remains - who would do this and why? I'd be happy to hear theories from any eager online detectives out there.