Guardians Of The Galaxy Steals Buzz From Star Wars Episode VII At D23

Guardians Of The Galaxy D23 Expo

A funny thing happened at Disney D23 Expo yesterday. A film based on a little-known Marvel Comics property wound up being the big winner over Star Wars. Going into D23 Expo, many fans were expecting huge announcements about Star Wars. But even though Disney delivered a star-filled, action-packed presentation that surely delighted general Disney fans, new Star Wars Episode VII news was non-existent. While the mainstream entertainment press and fans on Twitter are admonishing Disney for the lack of Star Wars news, the exact opposite is happening with Guardians Of The Galaxy. Just like with Comic-Con, the Guardians Of The Galaxy footage seems to have really impressed fans and press alike. In fact, at one point during the D23 presentation, Guardians Of The Galaxy was trending, while Star Wars was not.

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Things probably couldn't have turned out better for Guardians Of The Galaxy if Marvel Studios has planned it this way. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige got to show off science fiction footage with a quirky mixture of humans, aliens, and bizarre creatures to a bunch of Star Wars fans reeling in the disappointment of hearing nothing new about Star Wars Episode VII. Feige definitely owes someone at Lucasfilm a nice Christmas present. Director James Gunn has done a stellar job of casting Guardian Of The Galaxy, assembling a group of rising stars. While Star Wars Episode VII will benefit from nostalgia if they bring back the original cast, JJ Abrams will have his work cut out for him if he wants to do a better job than Guardians Of The Galaxy on new role casting. Going into D23 Expo, would anyone have anticipated that Guardians Of The Galaxy would be coming out generating more positive buzz than Star Wars Episode VII? While it would have been unthinkable a year ago, could Guardians Of The Galaxy actually beat Star Wars Episode VII at the box office?