Guardians of the Galaxy: Ten More Things We Learned From The Trailer Q&A

Guardians of the Galaxy

Yesterday, reported on some of the highlights of the sweeping Q&A with the cast and crew of Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy -- but of course we didn't spot everything. The Q&A was ongoing while we were transcribing and, with so many players, there were a lot of moving pieces, so even after we finished recapping the "highlights," more cool stuff kept popping up in our feed. Here's a list of some cool or interesting stuff that we hadn't reported on yet and haven't seen elsewhere yet. No Guardians in Avengers: Age of Ultron When asked directly, Gunn told a fan that no members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


James Gunn would do a ROM: Spaceknight movie; Dave Bautista would play Namor Whenever these things come around, one of the standard questions is "which is your next one," or "what would you have done if you didn't get this?" In the case of both James Gunn and Dave Bautista, they had pretty interesting answers. Sadly, no ROM Easter eggs in the offing this time out, apparently. Asked whether fans should keep their eyes peeled, Gunn responded, "I LOVE ROM. Unfortunately, Marvel doesn't own him. I'd love to do a Rom movie." Everybody thinks the Guardians would beat up The Avengers When asked whether Drax or The Hulk would win in a fight, Bautista said his money was on Drax; when someone asked whether the Guardians or The Avengers would win, Diesel responded with a "chuckle that grew into laughter." Star-Lord's mix tape really exists, and not all of the songs made the movie "Well, we have the whole tape," Gunn told a fan. "I gave it to Chris before we shot so he could listen to it over and over beforehand. So I won't give away a song in the movie. But a song on the tape that's not in the movie is Magic by Pilot." Movie is about two hours long, and close to final cut

Guardians of the Galaxy

Gunn confirms that's a Celestial head we see in the second trailer In case there was any question (we saw some online, even though our own trailer breakdown just took it for granted), when a fan asked what the head was, another fan answered that it was a Celestial's head, and Gunn confirmed it. More specifically, it's Knowhere, the headquarters of the Guardians during the Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning run on Guardians. "Honestly, they just came to us. The severed Celestial head was, I think, something that popped out of Andy's mind one day," Abnett told Nova Prime. "Similarly, one morning, I said "what about a talking Russian dog?" We run with these things and develop them together. It's hard to pin down where exactly they originate." Of course, that implicitly means Celestials exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now...


Gunn credits Man of Steel producer Charles Roven with preparing him While Gunn cut his teeth at Troma, he told a fan that part of his training that was instrumental to preparing him for a movie like Guardians actually came at Warner Bros., under Man of Steel's Charles Roven. "Well, I went to Troma and worked in the field instead of going to film school," he said. "I learned every aspect of making films from casting to location scouting to directing to editing to marketing. It was a great overall education. But what really helped me with a film of this size was, honestly, Chuck Roven the producer, grooming me to direct A list films on the set of Scooby-Doo. I owe him a lot."


Famed sci-fi artist Chris Foss worked on the film "Charlie Wood, our production designer, was one of my primary partners on this film," Gunn said. "We started with long long discussions, lots of photos, and my love of the artist Chris Foss - who we actually hired to work on the movie. He's a classic science fiction artist from the '70s and '80s." The film might have an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tie-in When asked whether Guardians of the Galaxy would have ties to Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gunn responded with only a "Maybe." Certainly up til now the tone of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn't been too sci-fi-friendly...but with a mysterious blue alien in the mix and the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. tied into Thor: The Dark World even though it didn't really sync with what they were doing at that moment in the show (it made more sense later, in fairness) suggests that the plan of attack for the series might be to more or less tie into every Marvel movie. James Gunn is under contract for sequels Apparently, Marvel isn't just locking down actors, but also filmmakers, to multi-picture deals these days. Asked whether he would consider a return to the Marvel Universe if a sequel were to be greenlit, Gunn offered, "I believe I am contractually obliged to do that whether I want to or not. But, of course, I'd love it. I love these guys so much - the guys at Marvel and the cast. They've become very close friends."