Guardians of the Galaxy's Gunn "Zero Percent Chance" Comic Con Footage Will Be Released


Guardians of the Galaxy


, Marvel's first new franchise coming out of the second "phase" of their cinematic universe following the release of Marvel's The Avengers last year, has become something of a phenomenon among fans since an audience at San Diego Comic Con International (and later one at Disney's own D23 Expo) were wowed by preliminary footage released after less than two full weeks of shooting on the sci-fi superhero flick. Following the second screening at D23 fans, rushed to pressure Disney and director James Gunn to release the footage to a wider audience--both said that it wasn't going to happen. A couple of days later, though, an amateur video surreptitiously recorded at D23 found its way online, and--after geeking out over it for a while--many fans and even some reporters and entertainment industry insiders thought that such a widespread leak of the footage would encourage Disney to release an official version--if for no other reason than to let fans get a sense of the thing in professional quality video. After all, the logic goes, you don't want fans who might be on the fence to see something substandard and decide against going to the movie. Well, that's just what Marvel Studios and James Gunn think--only not in a way that will help broaden the audience for the preliminary thirty-second piece. "Zero percent chance, sorry!" Gunn answered earlier today when asked what the odds were of seeing an official release for the footage. "I know a lot of you have seen the shaky camera footage, but it was made after 12 days if shooting and isn't a true reflection of the awesomeness we're trying to create for you."