Guillermo del Toro "Would Love To Do" DC Comics Supernatural Team-Up Heaven Sent


Earlier this week, amid a flurry of other reports of dubious credibility, news and rumor site Latino Review claimed that filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was in the earliest stages of developing a potential DC Comics film called Heaven Sent. The movie, which sounds a bit like a Justice League Dark-style story, would feature Swamp Thing, Constantine, Phantom Stranger and numerous other iconic supernatural characters published by DC. It sounds like an extremely unlikely prospect--expensive, and too dark to do right without risking an R rating that would reduce the movie's box office potential. Add that to the fact that del Toro is rumored to be attached to a dozen movies at any given moment, including any big spooky or supernatural movie that's rumored to be in development, and it's understandable why some news outlets were pretty suspicious of the news. Well, that and it came along in the same report that suggested a second Powers pilot had been cast, filmed, screened and rejected--none of which was true. After some sites began reporting that del Toro had denied involvement in the project, it seemed as though the whole thing may have been a pipe dream...but del Toro has chimed in on his own message boards--not neccessarily to confirm that the project is in the works, but at the least to say he never issued any denial of it. "Wow- please contact whoever said I denied it," wrote the director. "I cannot recall ever answering a question like that. Sadly I dont do [Twitter]. I denied being involved in [the Justice League movie] but this I would love to do!!!"