Hack/Slash Movie gets new Screenwriter

Devil's Due Publishing's heroine Cassie Hack is slowly making her way to the big screen, and the latest news on the developing story brings a new writer to the story of her battle against monsters and killers! It's been announced that Stephen Susco will handle duties for the script, joining first-time major film director Fredrick Bond in the journey to the big screen. Susco is not a stranger to the horror genre, as he is also writing The Butcherhouse Chronicles for Paramount along with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D for Twisted Pictures. For those unfamiliar with the story, Hack/Slash tells the story of young Cassie Hack, a girl that has sworn death to the monsters, killers and others who inhabit the world. Her baseball bat wielding ways should play out well on the big screen, although no major leads for the film have been announced at this time. Would an unknown be better suited to the relatively unknown production crew or how about a big name star to attract attention? Here's hoping we all find out sooner rather than later!