Happy Birthday! Lee Majors Turns 77 Today

Today is actor Lee Majors’ birthday.A famed performer with numerous television shows and films [...]


Today is actor Lee Majors' birthday.

A famed performer with numerous television shows and films to his credit, Majors is best known for his lead role in The 6 Million Dollar Man. In the popular Seventies series, Majors played Steve Austin, an intelligence agent enhanced with nuclear-powered limbs and armaments.

Majors also starred in another major action television show, The Fall Guy, playing lead Colt Seavers throughout the Eighties. Beyond the two leading roles, Majors has guest-starred and appeared in dozens of other television programs, including Walker, Texas Ranger, Weeds, Human Target, and G.I. Joe: Renegades. Majors has continued to work, with two upcoming projects this year titled Agnosia and Victory by Submission.

Born in Wyandotte, Michigan, Majors turns 77 today. Happy Birthday, Lee Majors!