Happy Birthday! Steven Seagal Turns 64 Today

Today is actor Steven Seagal’s birthday.A venerable action star, Seagal starred in several [...]


Today is actor Steven Seagal's birthday.

A venerable action star, Seagal starred in several adventure films throughout the nineties and aughts. Some of his biggest titles include Under Siege and Under Siege 2, Above The Law, and Into the Sun. Indeed, Seagal's resume has been defined by violent, action-heavy roles.

He appeared in the Danny Trejo kill-fest Machete, and the television series True Justice, and has continued to appear in films at a steady clip. His upcoming roles include The Asian Connection, Contract To Kill, and End of a Gun.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, Seagal turns 64 today. Happy birthday, Steven Seagal.