Happy Birthday! Val Kilmer Turns 56 Today


Happy birthday, Val Kilmer! The actor is celebrating his 56th birthday today.

Kilmer is best known the ComicBook.com community for his role as Batman in the 1995 film Batman Forever. He would only don the cape one time, though. After receiving the torch from Michael Keaton, he would pass it on to George Clooney (who would also play the DC Comics hero only one time).

Kilmer's other notable credits include his roles as Jim Morrison in 1991's The Doors, Iceman in Top Gun, and Chris Shiherlis in Heat. According to Kilmer's IMDb page, he has appeared in at least 91 movies or TV shows!

Prior to his acting fame, Kilmer became the youngest person to be accepted into Julliard's Drama Division at the age of seventeen!

Happy birthday, Val Kilmer!