Happy Brithday Snoopy!

Today is Snoopy's birthday.

While the iconic Peanuts comic strip character technically debuted on October 4, 1950, creator Charles Schulz ran a story on August 10, 1968, that observed Snoopy's birthday. In the strip (which you can read on Peanuts.com), Snoopy is awoken by Linus for a mysterious midnight adventure, only to discover it was all a ruse to lead Snoopy to a surprise Birthday party. That Linus.

Since his debut nearly 65 years ago, Snoopy has become a major pop culture icon. On top of being one of Peanuts' main stars in the comic strip, Snoopy has also appeared in Peanuts movies, dozens of pieces of merchandise, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and Hallmark Greeting Cards for just about every occasion. Officially a senior citizen, Snoopy would be 273 in dog years today.

To help celebrate Snoopy's birthday, and his upcoming turn in The Peanuts Movie, Peanuts released a special video showing fans how they can bring the character to life. You can check it out below. But really, that's nothing compared to Rob Liefeld's birthday present to the character--a mashup between Snoopy and Deadpool.


The Peanuts Movie hits theaters on November 6.