Has the Wolverine Movie's Release Date Been Pushed Forward?

In order to extend their opening weekend gross, Den Of Geek reports that 20th Century Fox has pushed up the release date for the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie from May 1st to April 29th.


Does 20th Century Fox know that? A quick trip to the official website for X-Men Origins: Wolverine still lists May 1st as the official release date. The site's official countdown also confirms the May 1st release, and a new Wolverine movie poster just released online a couple days ago even has May 1 listed as the release date. It's not uncommon for studios to move up the dates of blockbuster releases in order to boost opening weekend ticket sales, so it would not be surprising if Den of Geek's report is correct. By pushing the release date up a couple of days, 20th Century Fox could hopefully inflate its gross ticket sales in an already down market. If 20th Century Fox does indeed change the release date of the Wolverine movie as reported, the film would now open on a Wednesday. But, before you decide to change plans for what days to camp out to be the first to see the Wolverine movie on opening day, be sure to check with the official website to see if it gets updated.