Hasbro Unveils First Transformers 5 Logo


At Hasbro's Investor Day, CEO Brian Goldner and CFO Deborah Thomas provided updates on their upcoming product lines, touched upon the Transformers film franchise and shared a logo for the fifth film.

Thanks to our friends at TFW2005 we have an image (below) of the Transformers 5 logo, which is considered a placeholder. Keep in mind, the Transformers: Age of Extinction placeholder logo ended up being quite similar to the official version, so the same might be so for Transformers 5.

Also of note: Hasbro announced Transformers: Micronauts. That's right, Hasbro is integrating the Micronauts into the Transformers universe. How? Not sure. Details are scarce at this time.

Micronauts was a toyline created in the 1970s by the Japanese company Mego (now owned by Hasbro) that consisted of 3.75-inch-tall action figures. The backstory on them was that the Micronauts came from a small world and when they arrived on Earth they disguised themselves as toys. The toyline sparked interest from Marvel's Bill Mantlo, who along with Michael Golden, created them a comic book series that was first published in 1979.


Transformers 5 will be directed by Michael Bay (The Rock), based on a script written by Akiva Goldsman. Mark Wahlberg (Ted) will reprise his Cade Yeager role from Age of Extinction for a second adventure with the Robots in Disguise.