Hitler Reacts To Batman V Superman Reviews

Batman Superman Hitler

Critical reviews of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have been overall less than kind to the Warner Bros. tent-pole. Though those reviews have nothing on what Hitler thinks about it, and more specifically Zack Snyder in general.

The original footage is from a German movie titled Downfall, but Youtube user John Handem Piette took it upon himself to insert commentary based on reaction to Batman V Superman. While I don't agree with all of his points about Snyder in general, it is quite funny and worth a watch. He also does put in the notes "P.S. We still love you Zack Snyder."

I think my favorite part though is the last line, where he says "Bring me my Batman Begins Blu-Ray." That scene made me laugh out loud. You can view the entire video above, and make sure to head to Piette's Youtube page for more of his videos.

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