How Man Of Steel Could Set Up Aquaman Movie


Man Of Steel writer David S. Goyer has stated in numerous interviews that Man Of Steel helps set up the emergence of other DC Comics superheroes. There were some rather obvious Easter Eggs in the Man Of Steel such as the Wayne Enterprises logo on a satellite and the LexCorp logo plastered all over the place. However, there were a couple not so obvious Easter Eggs, where interpretation is open for debate. In one particular scene, Clark Kent uses his powers to rescue workers from an oil rig that is engulfed in flames. While the scene helps display Clark's powers and show his character emerging, there could be another purpose for the scene. The name of the drilling company was Merrevale Oil, which is a company that has had several run-ins with Aquaman in the comic books. After the oil rig fire, Clark is floating in the ocean, when  two humpback whales swim near him. The whales are making sound, which could be interpreted as them communicating with each other or someone else. A theory that has been circulating on message boards is that the whales are communicating to Aquaman, who sent them to check on Clark. While we doubt Aquaman would have been responsible for the oil rig fire, because that would implicate him as an attempted murderer of the men onboard, it could be that Aquaman was watching the disaster. Aquaman could choose to reveal himself to the world over concerns about the destruction oil-related catastrophes are causing to the world's oceans. Also, as previously reported, one of the military passwords used in the Man Of Steel was the word "trident," which could also be a reference to Aquaman. With recent rumors of an Aquaman movie could these scenes be setting up the emergence of Aquaman into the DC Cinematic Universe. Even if Aquaman doesn't swim into his own movie, these scenes could be set up to introduce Aquaman in Man Of Steel 2 to test the waters for his own standalone movie.