Hunger Games DVD Sold Out In Many Stores

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So how hot is the new Hunger Games DVD? So hot, that many stores are already sold completely out. Many retailers got an early start on Hunger Games DVD sales by holding midnight release parties, which drew in long lines of customers. Stores that waited to put the Hunger Games DVD on sale this morning also reported brisk sales at opening. At, we did a check of several Wal-Mart and Target area stores across the country, and we encountered many empty shelves. Most stores had run completely out of exclusive collector box editions. Many stores were also out of the regular Hunger Games DVD and only had the Hunger Games Blu-Ray version remaining. And even the Hunger Games Blu-Ray version was down to only a couple copies remaining at some stores. At one Wal-Mart store, a clerk told us, "We had a huge display of them, but now all we have left is the Blu-Ray. We sold most of them last night, but we've had more people coming in this morning looking for them. It's the fastest I've ever seen one of our DVDs sell." Hunger Games fans on twitter are also reporting sold out stores. Peityn Otto tweeted, "Well it's ten o'clock in the morning and Hunger Games is already sold out on DVD.. There goes my weekend." Sophie Kayla tweeted, "Got the Hunger Games DVD on BluRay!! Wanted to get the collectors one.. But it was sold out."  Dillon6.0 tweeted, "Wow, the hunger games DVD sold out here at my store." R.J. in Texas tweeted, "The Hunger Games DVD is out now. If you're buying now, may the odds be ever in your favor. Some stores are already sold out." With DVD sales struggling in recent years due to the rise of inexpensive rental options like Redbox and Netflix, retailers have to be happy with the incredible demand for The Hunger Games DVD. The Hungers Games is proving that for some movies fans want to own a copy rather than just renting.

Hunger Games DVD selling out