Hunger Games Roundup - A Busy Week of News

It was another busy week of news for 'The Hunger Games.' Let's get caught up on everything that [...]

It was another busy week of news for "The Hunger Games." Let's get caught up on everything that happened. Writer For "Catching Fire": THR is reporting that Michael Arndt is in talks to write the screenplay for "Catching Fire," the sequel to "The Hunger Games." Arndt is an Oscar Winner (Little Miss Sunshine) and also wrote the fantastic "Toy Story 3" script. The biggest problem for Arndt (if he signs on) is that he'll have to move quickly to write the script. "Catching Fire" is scheduled to begin shooting in August. And with Jennifer Lawrence headed to shoot an X-Men sequel in January, the window is tight. MTV Movie Awards: "The Hunger Games" picked up a whopping eight nominations for the MTV Movie Awards, tying "Bridesmaids" with the most nominations this year. The film is up for movie of the year, Jennifer Lawrence for best actress, Josh Hutcherson for best actor, and Liam Hemsworth for best breakthrough performance. The awards take place June 3. New Director Officially Announced: Francis Lawrence was rumored to be the director for "Catching Fire," but now he has officially accepted the job and signed on. Finnick Casting Rumor: Now that there is a director for the sequel, the rumors are starting to fly about potential casting for "Catching Fire." The latest is Jesse Williams from "Grey's Anatomy" as Finnick Odair.  Finnick, if you'll recall, is the super good looking, trident-wielding winner of a past Hunger Games competition. Box Office Take: Through Friday, "The Hunger Games" has taken in a whopping $376.6 million domestically and over $605 million worldwide.  That puts the film at 16th overall in domestic box office history.