I, Frankenstein Pushed Back to January 2014

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The film adaptation of the graphic novel I, Frankenstein has been pushed back from its planned September release. The official reason is to give them time to upgrade to 3D, but it's equally likely that the decision was made to give the film more room to breathe (2013 is pretty crowded for both comic book adaptations and big genre tentpole films. The film's distributor, Lionsgate, is still stinging from a disappointing box office for the critically-beloved Dredd 3D, the last comics adaptation they stuck in the September slot. It's also possible the change is just to allow for 3D upconversion. While that's become the official explanation for just about any delay in Hollywood these days, and so many observers assume it to be a cover, I, Frankenstein's upconversion to 3D was only announced in February, with the first full screening of the completed film scheduled for later this month. "You take a modern tale of the monster of Frankenstein, put Kali sticks in his hands, and then you put gargoyles and demons and good and evil in it," star Aaron Eckhart said in a recent interview. "And we're talking about a kick-ass movie. We worked really hard on it. It's got a lot of action. I did all the fighting myself, 100%, pretty much except for one fall, so I'm really proud of that."