In What State Is Batman V Superman's Metropolis Located? Apparently, None

While comic books and movies are often reticent to identify in what state fictional cities like Metropolis and Gotham City reside, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will apparently take that notion to the next level, with Metropolis being a District unto itself, not unlike Washington, D.C. in the real world.

That's according to a license plate spotted by a fan in Chicago, where the Zack Snyder-helmed superhero team-up is shooting.

You can check it out below.

That's "Metropolis, D.M." at the bottom. It neatly sidesteps the issue of choosing a new home state for the Man of Steel.

Here's what the DC Wiki has to say about Metropolis' in-story location:

In the Atlas of the DC Universe, writer Paul Kupperberg chose the state of Delaware, but this book was part of Mayfair Games' role playing games, and not necessarily in continuity. In Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Metropolis was listed as in New York, but the exact location has not been established.

In the WB/CW television series Smallville, Metropolis is located in or near the state of Kansas, within driving distance of Smallville. This was likely established so that characters from the show could travel back and forth between the two cities in a timely manner and with little difficulty.

Superman co-creator Joe Shuster modeled the look of Metropolis after his home town of Toronto, Ontario,Canada (though Metropolis was never depicted as a Canadian city).

Of course, in Superman: The Movie, Metropolis either was, or was very geographically close to, New York City; even the Statue of Liberty was clearly visible onscreen.

It has never, as far as we can see, been established as its own district within DC Comics continuity.

Another fun bit of trivia: That Latin on the city seal is "Truth and Justice." Apparently the American way hasn't found its way to the District yet.