Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Demolished in Honest Trailer


Honest Trailers are generally pretty heavy on snark but light on actual meanness, relying on a kind of "inside baseball" humor that means the fans of the movies are the ones who enjoy the parody most. Not so much with their latest offering, a trailer for the almost universally-reviled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. By popular demand (you can see a sampling of the tweets at the opening of the trailer), the fourth and apparently final installment of the beloved adventure franchise is taken down in hilarious fashion. "From one of the greatest adventure franchises of all time comes a movie that will make you wish you were watching The Mummy!" declares the narrator in one of the more modest digs at the Harrison Ford/Shia LaBoeuf vehicle. "Witness Spielberg and Lucas take a giant, steaming dump on their own legacy," he says when he's feeling somewhat less charitable. Poor-quality digital effects, particularly the notorious monkeys and gophers, get the lampoon here, with remarks like, "Geez, is this the same guy who made Jurassic Park fifteen years ago?" directed at Spielberg. He concludes, "Five years later, and I still want a refund." Us, too. Check it out below.