Interstellar Trailer Already Spurring Oscar Talk For The Film

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Only a day after being released in theaters and less than a day after being released online, the trailer for Interstellar is already spurring Oscar talk for the film. How can a trailer that only contains a couple second of actual footage from the film have people labeling it as frontrunner for Best Picture of the year in 2014? Well, there are a couple things that are working in Interstellar's favor. One is that Gravity has changed the way people think of science fiction movies. Gravity has shown that science fiction can be done in such a way that might still be appealing to Academy voters, who typically shun anything that has to do with comic books or sci-fi. While the verdict is still out on if Gravity will win Best Picture, it's certainly looking promising that it will at least be nominated. I Another thing that Interstellar has going for it is that the trailer certainly has the look and feel of an Oscar-worthy film. The historic imagery…the iconic-sounding quote…everything about the trailer presents Interstellar as a film that aspires to be something more than just a typical science fiction movie. However, the biggest thing that has people talking Oscars is that film is directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan's name has come to mean quality in motion pictures, and every movie he makes going forward will likely carry the hopes of Oscar gold. Nolan's The Dark Knight didn't get a Best Picture nomination even though it should have. Nolan's Inception got nominated but didn't win, even though many felt it should have. Nolan is one of those directors that just seems due to win a Best Picture Oscar. Of course that some are already trying to crown Interstellar as an Oscar favorite for 2014 before the nominations have even been announced for 2013 films seems just a tad early for some. Interstellar appears to be staking claim to being the first 2014 film to generate both Oscar-buzz as well as Oscar-backlash, all without being released yet.