Iron Man 3 Becomes Highest Grossing Solo Superhero Movie In The World

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The Dark Knight Rises has fallen. No longer can Batman claim to have the highest grossing solo superhero movie in the world. With yesterday's box office totals, Iron Man 3 officially passed The Dark Knight Rises on the Worldwide box office charts. Iron Man 3 has accumulated a total of $1.106 billion at the Worldwide box office, passing The Dark Knight Rises total of $1.084 billion. And with Iron Man 3 still performing well at the box office, the third movie in the Iron Man franchise should keep climbing. Iron Man 3 currently sits in the #8 spot on the Worldwide box office charts. Odds are the film still has enough in the tank to make the top five, but there is little chance that it will catch up to The Avengers, which sits at $1.511 billion in the #3 spot.