Iron Man 3 Filming To Resume Friday, Robert Downey Jr. To Return?

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Last Wednesday, Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle while reportedly doing a stunt for Iron Man 3. Marvel Studios announced that there would be a short delay in production while he recuperated. No additional information has been officially released, so everyone has been wondering just how badly Robert Downey Jr. was injured and when filming would resume. Well, has learned some information that seems to be a good sign that Robert Downey Jr.'s injury must be mending quickly. It appears as if filming for Iron Man 3 will resume on Friday, August 24, 2012. While there is no official word if Robert Downey Jr. will be involved in the filming, it's a good bet that he will be, because the filming looks to be the scenes that were delayed after he was injured. Last week, Iron Man 3 was supposed to film at the Port of Wilmington. The filming was to be done mainly overnight so as to limit interference with the port's shipping schedule. Earlier today, we reported on an extras announcement from the casting agency for Caged (which is Iron Man 3's current code name). The casting agency announced they were seeking athletic and Military types to film for five nights starting this Friday and running through Tuesday. According to the casting agency, the filming would run all through the night. Putting two and two together, this certainly sounds like the Port of Wilmington filming that was originally scheduled for last week. If Iron Man 3 is resuming filming these scenes, then it likely indicates that Robert Downey Jr. is all better and ready to return to being in front of the camera. The fact that the filming lasts for five days also indicates it's a major scene, so it's likely one that would include Iron Man and thus Robert Downey Jr.