Iron Man 3: Five New Revelations

The last couple days have been very eventful for Iron Man 3. Filming is underway in Wilmington, [...]

Iron Man 3 Location Photo Cape Fear Club 2

The last couple days have been very eventful for Iron Man 3. Filming is underway in Wilmington, North Carolina, and brought you some scoop from the Cape Fear Club filming location. Here are five things we learned about Iron Man 3. Mandarin Is A Villain – While it's been rumored for awhile, was the first to report that sources close to production had confirmed that the Mandarin would indeed be a villain in Iron Man 3. Ben Kingsley will be playing the Mandarin, but no info yet on if the character will be altered from the comic book version for the movie. Iron Man 3 Will Be Set Partially in Miami – It had already been revealed that part of Iron Man 3 would be set in China, but it's been a mystery as to what the United States setting would be. Even though filming is taking place in Wilmington, North Carolina, it's not a big enough city to serve as the setting. learned that vehicles with city of Miami and Miami police department logos had been spotted being unloaded on one of the sets. Twins Involved In Iron Man 3 – One source told us that the Mandarin would have a set of twins doing his dirty work. It was the first time we heard the twins rumor, but as one reader pointed out the Caged Heat casting page had posted a notice calling for twins. We'll leave this as rumor for now, but considering the casting notice, maybe there's something to it. Iron Patriot Is A Villain In Iron Man 3 – No one saw this coming. When it was revealed that James Badge Dale had been cast as Eric Savin, everyone assumed he would be playing Coldbood. That was until James Badge Dale was photographed on the Iron Man 3 set decked out in Iron Patriot armor. Of course, some think it might actually be Detroit Steel armor. Iron Man 3 Leading To Other Marvel Studios Movies Filming In Wilmington – Word around the set was that Marvel Studios had been pleased so far with filming in Wilmington (and the generous state tax incentives). So much so, that there was already talk that Marvel Studios was considering doing some filming for other upcoming movies in Wilmington.